Our Founders

Matthew Ramirez, CEO

Matthew Ramirez

Chief Executive Officer

Programmer and teacher of writing; expert in machine learning and natural language processing; responsible for the algorithms that drive WriteLab; award-winning writer and scholar.

Donald McQuade

Chief Learning Officer

Former president of the CCCC; recent Chair of the NWP; thought leader in composition studies; author of numerous books on writing; responsible for instructional design in WriteLab.

Frank D. Yeary

Founding Investor

Former Vice Chancellor, UC Berkeley; co-founder of Level Money, a KPCB-backed company that sold to Capital One; and leading investment banker. Current board member of eBay and Intel.

The Team

William Hausle

Chief of Product

Eric Wang

Lead Engineer

Hunan Rostomyan

Software Engineer


Will Guo

Software Engineer

Advisory Board


Richard Sterling

Partnership Coordinator


Sid Upadhyay

Edtech Advisor